Historian Katherine Blair (center) shows her excitement in discovering that Sam Rennick of Hastings, Nebraska connects with the Doane family. Also pictured is Sam’s wife Joyce Jeffries, a DFA member.Katherine K. Blair, of Sterling, Virginia, has served as the DFA national historian/genealogist for several years. She is a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge regarding all branches of the Doane/Doan family, descendants of Deacon John Doane who settled on Cape Cod in the 17th century. Katherine is the clearing house for all DFA records, and has a vast archive on the family in her home. She assists DFA members in completing their lineages, and also helps would-be members prove their connections to the larger Doane family. Katherine and her DFA genealogy committee is present at each DFA reunion in an especially designated reference room to aid reunion attendees in their research. If you have the name Doane, Doan, Done in your family background and think that you might be related to the New England Doanes, contact Katherine at   



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