Aldrich Prairie Research Site

The Aldrich Prairie Research Site is located 40 miles west of Crete near Fairmont, Nebraska.  It consists of about 50 acres of wetland and prairie.  The site also includes a black-tailed prairie dog colony.  This combination of habitats in one location is unique to this area and provides extraordinary opportunities for outdoor experiences and student research projects.  The prairie dog colony, for example, is the eastern-most colony in Nebraska and is extremely rare and of high conservation value.

  • The site is located in Nebraska's environmentally-challenged and distinctive Rainwater Basin. 7-9 million ducks and 2-3 million geese annually stop in the Rainwater basin.
  • The site has been designated an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society.
  • For its efforts at the site Doane University received the Conservation Education Award from the Nebraska Wildlife Federation.
  • Facilities at the site include off-grid wind turbine/solar panel power, computer and DSL access, and the Environmental Education Building.
  • To view a video of the prairie dogs displaying head bob and alert behavior at the Aldrich Prairie Research Site, click here. Viewing this video requires the Firefox browser. 

Mission Statement

The mission of the Aldrich Prairie Research Site is to develop awareness, appreciation and activism of environmental issues through innovative environmental research and education.

Visit the Environmental & Earth Science Department Website.



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