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Dr. Thomas P. Kleinkauf

San Antonio, Tx

April 13, 2019

Evelyn Sweetser

Garner, North Carolina 

Evelyn recently found a postcard she wrote to her mother when she attended a church camp on the Crete campus. "June 16th, 1960: Dear Mom, Hope your camp survived the storm. I bet it's a muddy mess. The campus here is! Trees down, lighting struck the chapel while the whole camp was in it and the lights went out for quite a while but the damage was upstairs and no one was hurt. It was talent night and in-between acts. Pretty exciting! The ceiling (plaster) fell in one girl's dorm room and the windows were all open in the boy's dorm, and some in girls, so lamps and things were broken and wet but, as I said, no one hurt. Have been getting more sleep and rest than anyone else I think. Meals are terrific. Love, Evelyn."