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Alan D. Emshoff

Exeter, Nebraska

Alan was selected as Chairman-elect of the Nebraska Bankers Association (NBA). Alan is currently president and CEO of Generations Bank in Exeter.

Peter D. Smith

Lincoln, Nebraska 

December 11, 2018


Mariana M. Garcia

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Mariana has been promoted to Assistant Vice President at Union Bank and Trust. 

Donald E. Jenkins

Lincoln, Nebraska 

May 13, 2018

Diane L. Rink

Diane L. Rink '92

Bennet, Nebraska

September 29, 2018



Alan D. Emshoff

Exeter, Nebraska 

Alan was elected as chairman-elect of the Nebraska Bankers Association during the association's Annual Convention in May 2018. 

Donald L. Coleman Sr.

Donald L. Coleman, Sr. ’95L

Lincoln, Nebraska

April 12, 2018



David A. Wright

David A. Wright ’09L

Lincoln, Nebraska

May 12, 2018



Katie A. Jenkins

Arvada, Colorado 

Katie is freelancing on web development projects and mentoring future developers. She has a passion for women in STEM, psychology, and empowerment through technology. 

Brenda L. Moes

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Brenda helped develop the first parents and addicted loved ones support group in Lincoln. 


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