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Class Notes

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Lucas J. Fahrer

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Lucas is a Copywriter at Firespring. Lucas accepted his copywriter position in November after spending two years at Lincoln Electric System in their customer and corporate communications department. 

Dustin Hageman

Omaha, Nebraska 

Dustin is a General Securities Principal at TD Ameritrade. 

Miranda Hoefer

Omaha, Nebraska

Miranda married Joseph Paustian on July 14, 2018. She is employed as a Lifeguard at the Armburst YMCA in Omaha. 

Shayla Wichmann

Palmer, Nebraska 

Shayla married Andrew Tibbetts on August 4, 2018. Shayla is a Teacher with Grand Island Public Schools. 

Tara Burrage Brown

Lincoln, Nebraska

Tara and her husband Mathew welcomed daughter Ameila on July 27, 2018. She joins her brother, Elliot. Tara was recently hired as a second grade teacher at Crete Public Schools. 

Nathan and Erin Klein Teten

Brock, Nebraska 

Nathan and Erin welcomed son Jackson Scott Teten on October 31. 

Naomi K. Crews

Bastrop, Texas

Naomi is Manager of GNC in Austin. 

Mariana M. Garcia

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Mariana has been promoted to Assistant Vice President at Union Bank and Trust. 

Bekah Ehly

Omaha, Nebraska

Bekah is Domestic Violence Program Coordinator for the Nebraska State Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. 

Courtney L. Peterson

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Courtney began a new position as Certified Personal Trainer at National Academy of Sports Medicine.