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Class Notes

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Miles D. Mayer

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Miles has been apointed as a Visiting Professor of Chemistry for Doane University. Miles' appointment is at the College of Arts & Sciences in Crete. 


Nathan and Erin Klein Teten

Brock, Nebraska 

Nathan and Erin welcomed son Jackson Scott Teten on October 31. 

Alisha Forbes

North Platte, Nebraska 

Alisha is Executive Director of Mid-Plains United Way. 

Jeffrey L. Starman

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Jeffrey is a Science Teacher at Crete Public Schools. 

Courtney Bashore Youssef

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Courtney is a Representative II at Nelnet. 

Chuck J. Duchek

Lincoln, Nebraska

Chuck recently retired after 44 years in the sporting goods industry. He now enjoys spending more time with his family, which includes grandchildren Emma and Liam, and playing golf.

Sherry James Meyer

Lincoln, Nebraska 

October 6, 2018

Christopher LaPlante

Ceresco, Nebraska 

Christopher is a Personal Insurance Agent at All Nebraska Insurance.

Eric Morrison-Smith

Chula Vista, California 

Eric is Strategic Partnerships & Events Specialist II at San Diego Workforce Partnership. 

Mar'Lakuittia T. Overstreet

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Mar'Lakuittia is an ELL Teacher at Lincoln High School.