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Class Notes

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Kaleigh N. Krupski

Omaha, NE

Kaleigh joined the staff at Gretna Public Schools as a kindergarten teacher for Thomas Elementary School.

Jacob W. Duhey

Mission Viejo, California

Jacob is continuing his education at the University of Nebraska - Omaha.

Tyler G. Rambali

South Souix City, NE

Tyler is a barista at Scooters.

Rachel M. Jacobsen

Lincoln, NE

Rachel joined the staff at Ralston Public Schools as an ELL teacher.

Anna M. Wood

Roca, Nebraska

Anna joined the staff of Crete High School as an Algebra and Pre-Algebra teacher.



Chris Wang


Chris is an intern at City Bank and Trust.

Dylan J. Mayfield

Wood River, NE

Dylan is a chef in Crete. 

Brielle A. English

Lincoln, NE

Brielle is continuing her education at Sheperd's Theological Seminary.



Patrick S. Thimes


Lincoln, NE Patrick works for Zoetis as a Lab Assistant.



Garrett Shadbolt

Merriman, NE

Garrett is a Professional Rodeo Athlete.