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Class Notes

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Damon B. Parisher

Burney, TX

Damon is continuing his education at Waldorf Univeristy as well as being a graduate assistant football coach.



Sadie C. Hammond

Lincoln, NE

Sadie joined the staff at Lincoln Public Schools as a Special Education teacher.

Jordan G. Zonner

Fort Worth, Texas

Jordan works for the FDA doing research in the lmmunobiochemistry lab.



Kellan P Willet

Crete, Nebraska

Kellan works for Hudl as a coach support specialist.  



Erin E. Lukin

Lincoln, NE

Erin joined the staff at Lincoln Public Schools as an ELL teacher for Saratoga Elementary.



Jayla L. Trosper

Stapleton, Nebraska

Jayla works at Tabitha as a CNA and MA.

Rachel L. Schartz

Lincoln, NE

Rachel is an Assistant Language Teacher for the JET program in Japan.

Jordan M. Kort

Schuyler, NE

Jordan works as a hired man farmer.

Alexandra L. Clouse

Friend, Nebraska

Alexandra joined the staff at Friend Public Schools as a 3rd grade teacher. 

Katie K. O'Brien

Crete, NE

Katie works for Fast Enterprises in Lincoln as a Site Administrator.