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Class Notes

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Kennerly D. Benraty

Lincoln, Nebraska 

Kennerly is working at Doane University as a Development Officer. 

Marcus J. Manley

Louisville, NE
Marcus is an English Teacher for English First in China.

Blake E. Kostal

Papillion, NE

Blake works at Methodist Hospital as a Phlebotomist.

Michael J. Shavlik


Michael is continuing his education as the University of Oregon.

Daniel B. Bogert

Yuba City, California 

Daniel is continuing his education at Life Chiropractic College West. 

Sadie C. Hammond

Lincoln, NE

Sadie joined the staff at Lincoln Public Schools as a Special Education teacher.

Mikayla Bankson

Hordville, Nebraska 

Mikayla works at C&A Industries in Omaha as a social media recruiter. 

Damon B. Parisher

Burney, TX

Damon is continuing his education at Waldorf Univeristy as well as being a graduate assistant football coach.



Macie M. Coffey

Friend, Nebraska 

Macie joined the staff at Beatrice Public Schools as a behavior teacher. 

Lauren Doane

Holt, MI

Lauren is an EMT.