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Class Notes

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Brooke H. Buller


Brooke recently accepted a position with Jenda Family Services as a Family Services Rep.

MaKayla M. Parriott


MaKayla recently accepted a position as an Investigative Assistant for Lancaster County Juvenile Probation in Lincoln.

Kamleh H. Shaban

Denver, Colorado

Kamleh and her husband Casey Ross welcomed daughter Aziza Sophia Ross on December 29, 2018. 

Elizabeth A. Tonniges

Lincoln, Nebraska

Elizabeth married Jesse Bergman on January 4, 2019. Betsy is Owner/Principal of Primrose School, which is a private early childhood school. 

Jenna Wiemer Bennett

Seward, Nebraska 

Jenna and Anothney Bennett welcomed their son, Willard Michael, on December 10th, 2018. 

Brandon Wilson

Kansas City, Missouri 

Brandon is a Territory Manager with Smart Choice, a network of over 6,700 independent insurance agencies and more than 80 carriers. 

William J. Conklin

Bowie, Maryland

November 22, 2018

David M. Schaefer

Colorado Springs, Colorado

September 30, 2018


David M. Lake

Glen Burnie, Maryland

December 23, 2018

Gene W. Schmutte

Silverado, Texas

February 3, 2019