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There is no typical Doane student-we serve about 1,000 residential undergraduate students, 750 adult learners, and 1,200 graduate students every year. But our students share a common desire to constantly challenge themselves to fully realize their potential. If this sounds like you, click on one of the following options and learn more about applying to Doane University.

International students should contact our GPS advisors on the campus in Lincoln. Doane GPS locations in Grand Island and Omaha are not approved sites for F-1 student instruction.

I am applying as a/an:

High School Student - Bachelor's Degree Applicant

Looking for a college with both an educational and campus life experience.

International Student

Wants to attend college in the United States. If you're interested in an undergraduate program, select the Crete Application. If you're interested in a master's program, select the specific program. Please note you will need to provide additional SEVIS/VISA information.

Adult Learner - Bachelor's Degree Applicant

Interested in pursuing a degree by attending evening or weekend classes. Please select the application for campus location closest to you. 


Teacher Seeking Coursework for Recertification

Need additional coursework in order to fulfill recertification requirements for the State Department of Education.

Initial Certification Student

Holds a bachelor's degree and looking for the Initial Program at the Advanced Level for Certification for teaching certification.

Advanced Degree Applicant

Hold a master's degree and looking to earn an Education Specialist advanced degree. 

Graduate Student - Doctoral Degree Applicant

Hold a master's degree and looking to earn a Doctorate of Education.

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