Bradley Johnson

Bradley Johnson

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Since student writing and discussion are important components in the exploration of the human condition that great literature prompts, I want students to understand themselves as participants in an important intellectual conversation. My principal interests are Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Literature of the American South.


Nineteenth-Century American Literature (English 305), Environmental Literature (English 318), Introduction to Fiction (English 237), Liberal Arts Seminar (LAR 101), The Romantic Era (English 342), Renaissance Literature (English 351), The Senior Seminar (English 495).

Selected Publications

• "Mind in the Main-Top, Body in the Bilge: Space and the Human Form in Melville's White-Jacket." American Transcendental Quarterly 17:4 (2003): 243-257.

• "Dueling Sentiments: Responses to Patriarchal Violence in Augusta Jane Evans's St. Elmo." Southern Literary Journal 33.2 (2001): 14-29.

• "Teaching The Unvanquished" (Co-authored with Veronica Makowsky). In Teaching Faulkner: Approaches and Methods. Eds. Stephen Hahn and Robert Hamblin. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2001. 117-123.

• "Augusta Jane Evans Wilson." In American Women Prose Writers, 1820-1870. Eds. Amy E. Hudock and Katherine Rodier. Boston: Bruccoli, Clark, Layman, 2001: 89-99.

• "Constructing the Female Gaze in Faulkner's 'Mountain Victory.'" Faulkner Journal 16.3 (2000/2001): 65-80.