Careers in Engineering & Physics


The Doane Bachelor of Science in Engineering program prepares students for careers in manufacturing, computer, telecommunications, energy-related, environmental, and biomedical fields.  The first graduates of our program will be in May 2020.  

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Physics majors end up in a wide variety of careers, both technical and non-technical.  Some of the job titles for Doane physics majors include

  • Civil Engineer 
  • Nuclear Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Mathematics Teacher (High School)
  • Sales Representative
  • Technical Analyst
  • Research Associate


Some of the places Doane physics majors have worked include

  • Aqua Engineering
  • Boeing
  • Cargill
  • California Institute of Technology
  • General Dynamics
  • Highland Software
  • Merck Pharmaceuticals 
  • Olsson Associates
  • Omaha Public Power District


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