Staff Bios


Adam Erck, m.s.

CCLA Director

Hometown: Springfield, Oregon

Activities: Reading, archery, swimming, building computers, and relaxing at home.

Ambitions: To teach the world that computers are here to help us.

Vacation Spot: Home or on an ocean beach

About my role: I’m here to support the staff of peer consultants and to facilitate research computing.


Catie Welty

CCLA Peer Consultant

Hometown: Lincoln, Nebraska

Major(s): Biology and Psychology

Status: Sophmore

Computer Language(s): Python

Activities: Reading, writing, singing, playing piano, and watching Netflix.

Ambitions: To help veterans cope with PTSD, and to use computers to aide in faster MRI diagnoses.

Vacation Spot: Home, to be with my cats.

About my role: I’m here to aide those who are interested in using computers for something but unsure of how or where to start.


Grace Su

CCLA Peer Consultant

Pronouns: They/Them/Theirs

Hometown: San Jose, California

Status: Sophomore

Computer Language(s): Python

Activities: Theatre, singing, dance, hair modeling, Biology tutor and TA

Ambitions: Research genetic diseases and use gene therapy and genome editing to help prevent and/or treat those diseases

Vacation Spot: Harry Potter World

About my Role: I'm here to aid those who are interested in learning programming but who need help or don't know where to start


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