English/Language Arts

English/Language Arts

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College of Arts and Sciences

An English/Language Arts major is intended to prepare teachers in three areas of English, speech and theatre. No second major is needed for certification in this area, but an interest in all three areas of language arts is necessary.

Refer to the English/Language Arts Teaching Endorsement for additional information.


Learning Environment

Lucille Cobb Lecture Series

The Lucille Cobb Lecture Series, featured each year at Doane, provides you with an opportunity to meet and interact with prominent writers. Those who have appeared in the series include:

  • Gwendolyn Brooks
  • Hayden Carruth
  • Alan Cheuse
  • Desmond Egan
  • Patricia Hampl
  • Miroslav Holub
  • Marlene Norbese
  • Philip W.D. Snodgrass

The Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building provides new offices and classrooms for Doane's nationally recognized education and art programs. The new building is designed to inspire teaching and learning in a collaborative work environment. Color, texture, lighting and acoustics are used to create a comfortable and enriching setting for students, faculty and staff.

Four customized classrooms on the third level are one of the features of the education portion of the building. These specialized classrooms and adjacent faculty offices are used for elementary education, special education, middle school education and secondary education. Students can simulate classroom teaching with many of the resources found in the nation's top school districts. Additionally, material-rich support space is found throughout the Education Department for use in preparing their assignments.

Four lecture rooms capable of being combined into one large conference room are available as a campus resource on the second floor of the building. Seating and breakout space can be easily reconfigured for lectures and conferences. This upscale environment provides students and faculty with a venue to plan learning activities complementing classroom instruction.

The Communications Building houses faculty offices, classrooms, computer labs, the library, and art gallery.

Gaylord Hall houses classrooms, faculty offices, and production studios for television, radio, and the student newspaper. It is one of three Doane buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


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ENG 113 - Basic News Writing and Reporting (3)
CMM 113 - Basic News Writing and Reporting (3)
ENG 200 - Introduction to Literary Studies (3)
ENG 213 - Beat Reporting (3)
CMM 213 - Beat Reporting (3)
ENG 205 - World Literature I (3)
ENG 206 - World Literature II (3)
ENG 330 - Postcolonial Literature (3)
ENG 231 - Linguistics (4)
ENG 305 - Nineteenth Century American Literature (3)
ENG 306 - Modern American Literature (3)
ENG 392 - Shakespeare (4)
ENG 393 - Chaucer and the English Language (4)
ENG 495 - English Seminar (5)
ENG 101 - English Composition: The Writing Seminar (3)
ENG 201 - Intermediate Writing (3)
ENG 302 - Advanced Writing (3)
CMS 210 - Public Speaking (3)
CMS 220 - Interpersonal Communication (3)
CMS 105 - Fundamentals of Communication (3)
CMM 353 - Contemporary Issues (3)
THE 103 - Acting I (3)
ENG 323 - The Teaching of English I (0)
ENG 324 - The Teaching of English II (0)
ENG 325 - The Teaching of English III (0)
ENG 326 - The Teaching of English IV (3)