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Forensics Scholarship Application

Contact Information
Forensics Information
Please list courses taken in theatre, music, and speech/forensics
Such as athletics, band, choir, speech/forensics, etc.

Forensics Scholarship Information

An audition is required to receive a forensics scholarship. Applicants should arrange an audition time or send a video recorded audition for review. Contact the Office of Admission at 402.826.6767 to schedule an audition.

Competitive Speech Requirements

  • Must register for CMC 226/227 competitive speech, or CMS 326/327 advanced competitive speech, unless given special permission for non-registration. Student may register for either 0 or 3 credits.
  • Must be in good academic standing consistent with graduation. 
  • Must participate in at least eight tournaments per year, excluding the NIFA state tournament and AFA nationals.
  • Must compete in a least three events at each tournament.
  • Must participate in the administration of all speech events hosted by Doane College.
  • Must meet two of the following NAIA criteria: ACT score of 18+, ranked in the top 50% of class, and/or have at least a 2.0 high school GPA.