5. Artifacts

Artifacts demonstrating growth and development in the teaching profession in relation to the outcomes must be included. The exact nature of the specific contents of the portfolio will be determined by each student. The contents may be generated as part of the student's course, or they may be created specifically for the portfolio. The following represent possible items for inclusion:

• Goals
• Philosophy - original and latest to show growth and changes
• Sample journal entries
• Reflective statements
• Action plan
• Videotapes, audiotapes, pictures
• Professional readings or a list of professional readings
• Resume
• Future plan
• School and community involvement
• Research proposal
• Projects or products specific for classes
• Select lessons developed because of the program
• Workshops, conferences, etc. attended
• Case study
• Group work from a class
• Statement of plans for continued professional development
• Activities or involvement related to key concepts/outcomes covered in class

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