Critical Pieces

2.  Critical Pieces

The first section of the portfolio must begin with a section entitled CRITICAL PIECES.
These include the following:

The critical pieces should be placed in the first section of your portfolio with a reflection that ties them together.

A summary and reflection of your critical pieces over what you have learned.

  • A philosophy statement (Completed in EDU-601 Critical Issues)
  • Reflection of the diversity field experience (Completed in EDU-601 Critical Issues)
  • A 4-MAT Wheel (completed in EDU-600 Improvement of Instruction) or a sample lesson plan if you completed EDU-613 Models of Teaching
  • The completed research project (Completed in EDU-603 Research Methods and EDU-604 Culminating Project)
  • A performance assessment and accompanying scoring guide (Completed in EDU-602 or EDU-614 Assessment)

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