Courses & Credits

For more information on our Initial Certification at the Advanced Level courses, please refer to the MED Catalog.

Program Design

  • Summer I
    EDS-620 Exceptional Children
    EDU-613 Models of Teaching or EDU-600 Improvement of Instruction
    EDU-624 Multicultural Education & Practice
    EDU-663 Reading & Writing in the Content Area
  • Fall
    EDU-626 Secondary Methods
    EDU-633 Middle and High School Practicum
    EDU-XXX Subject Specific Methods Course
  • Spring
    EDU-655 Internship (Student Teaching)
    EDU-602 Assessment of Learning
  • Summer II
    EDU-665 Beginning Teacher Seminar
    EDU 625, EDU 636 or EDU 638 Technology Course

Note:  An additional 9 hours (EDU 601, EDU 603, and EDU 604) can be completed for the Master of Education degree.

Please see the information under “Endorsement Programs” for the additional requirements for an ESL or Special Education endorsement for accelerated certification students. These endorsements will require additional credit hours and an additional term or terms of study.

Initial Certification at the Advanced Level

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Director Initial Certification at the Advanced Level

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