Certified Lifestyle Medicine Executive

Health systems around the world are confronting ever-rising costs, poor outcomes and economic inefficiencies. Thus, employment of Healthcare Administrators is projected to grow 17 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. As a large part of the population ages and people remain active later in life, there is increasing demand for individuals who can navigate this complex and changing landscape.

The MicroMasters® Program will introduce you to leadership frameworks and prepare you to manage these complex issues in public health, healthcare systems, and related industries. You will be introduced to the skills required to prevent and address human disease through the use of lifestyle medicine and population-based healthcare delivery models that engage the individual, community and the larger society.

You will also examine how integrating an emphasis on value as the replacement of volume of services rendered in clinical care and public health practices is the desired goal of healthcare delivery.

This program will provide learners with the knowledge required to analyze and stratify populations as well as analyze and implement lifestyle medicine based solutions at the individual, group and population levels. Learners will also earn a solid foundational understanding of how the U.S. healthcare system operates in order to better navigate it.

Any health professional looking to show employers a distinctive skill set and credential will find value in this program.

The MicroMasters Program can be applied to the Doane MBA program.

The MicroMasters Program tells prospective employers:

  • You have attained a high level of management education
  • You have core competencies in key leadership areas
  • You have superior communication skills
  • Upon successful completion, this graduate-level, credit-eligible program will also allow the learner the opportunity to apply 9 credit hours towards the Doane University MBA program.

Job Outlook

  • The Healthcare Industries’ need for Healthcare Administrators has an average yearly growth of 17% and career opportunities for highly trained Healthcare Administrators continue to rise. (source: www.bls.gov)
  • Career opportunities in healthcare for advancement as CEOs, directors, managers, public health and healthcare industry leaders.
  • Medical and Health Service Managers median salary in 2016 was $94,540 (source: www.bls.gov).

What You Will Learn

  • Assess how to lead healthcare organizations in a complex and changing system.
  • Develop in others the knowledge and skills needed to devise programs to prevent and manage chronic disease using population based healthcare delivery interventions that engage the individual and the community.
  • Evaluate the value of new healthcare delivery systems and interventions on the basis of quality, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness using accumulated data.
  • Evaluate health policy as it applies to industry economics, needs demands and quality of care.
  • Apply advocacy skills including quality of care, patients-rights, cultural competency and preventative care.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of healthcare system providers, financing, consumerism, past and future trends and regulatory and legal framework.
  • Apply leadership frameworks, skills and functions of management in planning, organizing leadership and systems control.

What You Can Study

  • Students can gain expertise in the growing field of Healthcare Administration through an innovative online program consisting of nine courses and a final capstone exam and then complete a Doane MBA.
  • Students are encouraged to begin the DoaneX MicroMasters Certified Lifestyle Medicine Executive courses prior to starting at Doane but it is not mandatory.
  • The MicroMasters Program in Certified Lifestyle Medicine from DoaneX is an advanced, professional, graduate-level foundation in Lifestyle Medicine, Population Health and Healthcare Administration. It represents the equivalent of 1 semester's worth of coursework at Doane.
  • If you have already started Doane’s MBA and are interested in the MicroMasters Program please discuss how the DoaneX MicroMasters program will fit in your course timeline.

Credit is only given for completing the MicroMasters credential. No credit is provided for finishing individual courses.