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Doane's Education Specialist program, an advanced academic degree, prepares leaders to make a difference in teaching and learning at the highest level of a school district.

Completion of the Ed.S. program leads to Nebraska administrative certification as a superintendent or to other district-level positions requiring certification beyond the principalship.

Our primary focus is the superintendent role, but we also will support the development of leaders roles and positions that are part of a district’s leadership team. 

Like each education program at Doane, we are committed to preparing educators who have a passion for education and leadership.

The quality of our Ed.S. program attracts candidates from across the state and surrounding areas.

What makes them choose Doane?

  • The cadre format – Small groups of students move through the Ed.S. program together, providing continuity and a built-in peer network.
  • The belief that the most important leader one can meet is the leader within. We put students in touch with their own values and beliefs, which they will use as a leader.
  • The comprehensiveness of instruction – We teach not just the nuts and bolts of the superintendent role, but the caliber and integrity of leadership required at this level.


Leaders who are strategic in their decision making, collaborate with others and serve as a catalyst for continuous improvement.

How it Works

36 credit hours
The Education Specialist Degree program includes 30 hours of in-class work with a seminar approach and at least 6 hours of internship or practicum experiences approved in advance.



Ed.S. is organized into two categories. The first is the coursework scheduled over a two-calendar year period, which all of the students will complete as a cadre. The second is stand-alone coursework. It’s required of all students, but may be completed at various times.


Time limits

All coursework – both cadre and stand-alone – must be completed within a five-year period. (No transfer credit is allowed for the Education Specialist program.)



Candidates for this program need an MA/MS through an approved program that qualifies them for building-level, principal endorsement. The program must include completion of one semester of practicum, OR, the candidate must hold a current endorsement in building-level administration.

The candidate shows successful completion of at least six hours of graduate-level coursework in the past five years or documentation of the completion of the equivalent in continuing education units.

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