Master of Arts in Counseling

Master of Arts in Counseling

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College of Professional Studies

Graduate Counseling Courses in Nebraska

Whether you are looking to embark on a new career, establish yourself as a professional counselor or further your education, Doane's Master of Arts in Counseling program can help you meet your goal.

What Makes Us Different

  • Tailored to the working adult. Counseling courses meet in the evenings to accommodate your schedule in short, nine-week terms.
  • Faculty are practicing professionals. This expertise provides a rich, hands-on environment for learning and developing skills in the assessment of problem behavior and intervention. 
  • Community learning experience. The wealth of personal and professional knowledge you bring to the classroom makes teaching and learning a shared experience.   


Our Program Model

The Doane University Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC) program is dedicated to academic excellence and committed to principles of effective and ethical counseling practice. The priority and primary emphasis of the MAC program is preparation of students for productive careers as professionals in clinical counseling settings. To this end, the program follows a competency based, practitioner model. This model places primary emphasis on preparation of students for productive careers as professionals in a variety of counseling settings. Clinical classes are taught by active practitioners. Course work and supervised practical experience provides the opportunity to learn and develop skills in the assessment of problem behavior and in interventions with children, adults, couples, families, and groups. Incorporated into this approach is exposure to ethical, professional, and interprofessional issues.

Coursework and supervised practical experiences through Doane University can help you develop these core skills:

  • Knowledge about current empirical and theoretical developments
  • Capable of critically evaluating clinical research
  • Able to assume leadership positions
  • Serve as respected consultants in mental health delivery systems
  • Principles of effective and ethical counseling 


Get Started

Note: Doane University's Master of Counseling program plans to seek specialized program accreditation through CACREP. Obtaining this accreditation is not guaranteed and, if granted, may not occur in a timeframe in which to be applicable to your degree. Applicants should consider this information prior to application and enrollment.

Campus and online course availability varies by program. Please contact the enrollment team for more information.