Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication

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College of Professional Studies

An organizational communication major focuses on the impact of effective communication in business and not-for-profit organizations. This major integrates course work in the fields of communication, business, psychology, sociology, writing and research. You will develop skills demanded in today's workplace and learn the importance of communication in the growth of an organization.

Students will learn how to identify barriers to effective communication within organizations, and between organizations and their customers, and to remove those barriers through structural changes, policy changes, use of communication technologies and media, and training/development of employees.

Students will also develop skills to interact with and motivate people, sell ideas and products, promote organizations and events and build productive teams. Attention is paid to the improvement of written and oral communication skills and to the ethics of human interaction.

Learning Environment

Our Grand Island, Lincoln, and Omaha campuses are specifically designed to serve our adult nontraditional - undergraduate, graduate and non-degree-seeking students. 

We are proud to meet the needs and objectives of students who have to juggle a college education with responsibilities as career professionals and parents.

As a student here, you'll discover:

  • A rich selection of degree and course options, including some of the most relevant graduate programs in Nebraska.
  • Faculty who combine impressive academic qualifications with extensive professional experience.
  • Small, conveniently scheduled classes and a curriculum flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

A friendly community where you can make lifelong connections with classmates from a wide variety of professional and personal backgrounds.

Campus and online course availability varies by program. Please contact the enrollment team for more information.


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BUS 215 - Statistics (3)
BUS 365 - Ethics in a Business Environment (3)
CSA 108 - Desktop Publishing (3)
BUS 205 - Business Writing (3)
ENG 113 - Basic News Writing and Reporting (3)
CMS 330 - Public Relations (3)
IDS 206 - Introduction to Research (3)
CMS 112 - Small Group Communication (3)
CMS 210 - Public Speaking (3)
CMS 220 - Interpersonal Communication (3)
CMS 296 - Organizational Communication Practicum (1)
CMS 316 - Business and Professional Communication (3)
CMS 321 - Intercultural Communication (3)
CMS 348 - Gender Communication (3)
CMS 323 - Training and Development (3)
CMS 336 - Applied Organizational Communication (3)
CMS 342 - Leadership Communication (3)
CMS 351 - Persuasion (3)
CMS 497 - Senior Seminar in Organizational Communication I (3)
CMS 498 - Senior Seminar in Organizational Communication II (3)
BUS 212 - Human Resource Management (3)
BUS 242 - Management (3)
BUS 251 - Marketing (3)
BUS 301 - Consumer Behavior (3)
BUS 315 - Organizational Behavior (3)
PSY 256 - Adult Development (3)
PSY 259 - Lifespan Development (3)
PSY 365 - Psychology of Personality (3)
PSY 336 - Social Psychology (3)
SOC 324 - Race and Nationality (3)
SOC 336 - Social Psychology (3)