Zoom Web Conferencing

Service Description:

Zoom is an online meeting conference space that Doane University has licensed for academic and administrative web conferencing.

Features and Functions:

With Zoom you can meet with your colleagues online in a web conference, which allows you to collaborate in real-time, even over long distances and from multiple locations.

A small application is installed on your computer, allowing you to connect to meetings. The power of live meetings are that meeting attendees can deliver a class presentation, kick off a project, brainstorm ideas, edit files and collaborate on whiteboards without the hassle of travel.


Zoom is available to any Doane student or faculty member.

Go to https://doane.zoom.us and log in using your Doane credentials. Once logged in, you can choose to host or join a meeting.

Meeting participants will need an invite with the meeting number to join a session.

If you are experiencing problems using Zoom, please contact Tiger Tech.

Self-Service Portal: helpdesk.doane.edu

Email: helpdesk@doane.edu

Phone: 402-826-8411

Zoom is free of charge to students, faculty, and staff.

Policy Information:

For policy information, please visit http://www.doane.edu/faq/acceptable-use-policy

Service Levels:

Server uptime goal = 99.9%

Average response time is less than one second.