Law, Politics and Society

Law, Politics and Society

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Jenna Woitaszewski '15: Doane University's first Law, Politics and Society graduate from Doane University on Vimeo.

Doane University’s new major in Law, Politics and Society (LPS) is intended to help students understand the interdisciplinary nature of the interaction between law and the philosophical, political, legal, sociological and economic context in which it evolves. The major can stand alone as a rich liberal arts exploration of law and society that will help students analyze and understand the multi-faceted nature of critical issues they will face as citizens. Pursuit of the major can also be the first step to the following graduate studies or careers in:


  • Law School
  • Graduate Programs in the Social Sciences
  • Non-profit Service
  • Public Policy Organizations
  • Legislative Aid
  • Policy Research Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Government Relations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Think Tank
  • Public Interest Group

As described by the coordinator of the program, Dr. Wendy Hind: The Law, Politics, and Society (LPS) major is the interdisciplinary study of legal systems and practices, and their interaction with political and social life. LPS majors learn the subtle differences between “social,” “political,” and “legal” in investigating things as diverse as courts, international organizations, social movements, and culture.  LPS majors approach the study and understanding of these topics from a varied set of academic perspectives within the social sciences.

Learning Environment

Students with a Law, Politics and Society major will

  1. Understand the interdisciplinary base of knowledge regarding the connections between law, politics, and society.
  2. Demonstrate awareness of historical and contemporary legal and philosophical theories and interpret those theories in a logical manner when applied to analyses of political, social, or legal issues.
  3. Evaluate and understand how race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and religion impact society, politics, and the law.
  4. Articulate the philosophy of active citizenship.  This includes recognizing the importance of cultivating the skills and desire to work for change in communities, the nation and the world.

Students take a common introductory and a final capstone LPS course to frame the major, They also take core courses in Ethics, Logic, Sociology, American Politics, Macroeconomics, and Research as well as electives drawn from Political Science, Sociology, History, and Business.


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LPS 101 - Introduction to Law, Politics, and Society (3)
PRE 111 - Ethics (3)
PHI 105 - Logic and Critical Thinking (3)
SOC 109 - Introduction to Sociology (3)
PSI 101 - American Politics (3)
SOC 285 - Social Research (4)
ECO 203 - Macroeconomics and Literacy (3)
LPS 496 - Seminar in Law, Politics, and Society. (3)
PSI 105 - Comparative Governments (3)
PSI 234 - Legislative and Executive Behavior (3)
PSI 310 - Women and Power (3)
PSI 313 - Political Parties and Interest Groups (3)
PSI 325 - International Relations in the Modern Era (3)
INT 325 - International Relations in the Modern Era (3)
PSI 327 - Globalization and Transnationalism (3)
PSI 337 - Political Thought (3)
PHI 337 - Political Thought (3)
ECO 204 - Microeconomics and Business (3)
ECO 315 - Economic Thought (3)
SOC 308 - Cultural Anthropology (3)
ANT 308 - Cultural Anthropology (3)
SOC 312 - Juvenile Delinquency (3)
SOC 324 - Race and Nationality (3)
SOC 336 - Social Psychology (3)
PSY 336 - Social Psychology (3)
SOC 370 - Social Stratification (3)
HIS 302 - Native American History (3)
HIS 320 - American Environmental History (3)
HIS 321 - American Race Relations (3)
HIS 337 - American Women's History (3)
ECO 330 - Economic Development (3)
BUS 250 - The Legal Environment of Business (3)
PSI 328 - Constitutional Law (3)
PSI 332 - Current Legal Issues (3)
SOC 314 - Criminal Law and Procedure (3)
BUS 350 - Commercial Law (3)
BUS 450 - The Global Legal Environment (3)