Leadership Studies

Leadership Studies

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College of Business


Who “does” leadership? How does it happen? Is it a set of skills a person has? Or an attitude? Or something that occurs when leaders and followers work together? The Zenon C. R. Hansen Minor in Leadership Studies is a 19-credit minor that will increase your understanding of any group. The minor is comprised of three core courses, three content courses and one senior seminar. The generalized courses in broad leadership concepts such as the history of leadership and ethics give all students foundational knowledge essential for a deep understanding of leadership studies. The content courses are drawn from many academic departments, allowing students to determine their own academic focus.

The Hansen Leadership Program provides activities and events to help develop leadership for all members of the Doane community. Students pursuing a minor in Leadership Studies may attend Hansen Leadership Program events as a part of their courses, or simply on their own!

Why should I get a Leadership Minor?

Looking for a great complement to any academic major? One that focuses on how to help people and groups work together successfully? The Zenon C.R. Hansen Minor in Leadership Studies examines the entire phenomenon of “leadership”: the people at the front of the group, the people in the group, the observers, their work together and everything in between.