Natural Science

Natural Science

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College of Arts and Sciences

The Science major is a broadly based bachelor of science degree program for students seeking a general education in science and the Science Field Endorsement.

This major meets the requirements for certification to teach biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science in grades 7-12.

Refer to the Science Teaching Endorsement for additional information.



Learning Environment

Doane students who decide to major in natural science study in a cooperative program within the Education Division and the Science, Mathematics, and Information Science and Technology Division. They register for courses in the Education Division to complete certification.


Art Ed Building

The Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building provides new offices and classrooms for Doane's nationally recognized education and art programs. The new building is designed to inspire teaching and learning in a collaborative work environment. Color, texture, lighting and acoustics are used to create a comfortable and enriching setting for students, faculty and staff.

Learn more about the Chab Weyers Education and Hixson Lied Art Building.

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