Navajo Leadership Award

Navajo Leadership Award is presented to alumni who have demonstrated lasting leadership to the communities on the Navajo Nation. (as needed)

Award Date Last Name First Name Maiden Class Year City State
2002 Atcitty Fannie Lowe 1997E, 2002E Shiprock NM
2002 Bekis Wynora Lee 2002E Farmington NM
2002 Burns Evelyn Jones 2000E, 2002E Rock Point AZ
2002 Emerson Frances Emerson 2002E Shiprock NM
2002 Gilmore Jack   2002E Kayenta AZ
2002 Gilmore Susie Gilmore 2002E Kayenta AZ
2002 Holiday Marilyn Harris 2002E Farmington NM
2002 Joe Renae Joe 2002E Shiprock NM
2002 John Delphina John 2002E Shiprock NM
2002 Noon Sarah Yazzie 1997E, 2002E Shiprock NM
2002 Tso Sadie White 2000E, 2002E Red Valley AZ
2002 Velasquez Kasey   2002E Fort Apache AZ

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