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Seed Prep, Storage & Tools

Seed Prep, Storage & Tools

  • Designated seed stock (RIL or NIL)
  • Microcentrifuge tubes (various colors)
  • Seed Scoop
  • Sieves (multiple sizes)
  • Motorized sieve shaker
  • Sieve brushes
  • Wood teasing needle
  • 70% EtOH
  • Seed Storage Device (Storage containers with silica gel filled nylons)

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3) Seed Preparation and Storage

3.1)  Combine equal amounts of seed from each NIL tube line into a clean centrifuge tube using designated scoop.
3.2) Determine the seed size needed for imaging, and select certain sieves for accurate seed separation. e.g. 212 micron and 316 micron 3" sieves were used to separate large and small seeds in this project. The seeds smaller than designated size were thrown out.
3.3) Wipe down designated sieves with 70% EtOH to prevent static electricity.
3.4) Sieve seed stocks.
3.5) Place small and large seeds in centrifuge tubes that are easily distinguishable from each other. Be sure to label tubes with designated seed line.
3.6) Store seed stocks in Tupperware with silica gel filled nylons to prevent seeds from drying out. Place in refrigerator.