Study Abroad

No two study abroad trips are alike – unless you count the life-changing part.

Among the lessons students learn:

  • How people across the globe are fundamentally similar and different.
  • How their leadership impacts other people.
  • How the confidence they gain will help them long past their time at Doane.

A portion of Doane students—in addition to honors students and language majors who have a study abroad requirement—choose to spend an entire semester or a year at one of Doane’s many affiliated international institutions.

They absorb new cultures, build relationships and travel locally in order to fully explore a region of the world. They explore new cultures and study ancient civilizations.

Our students tell us that studying art history in Italy was like stepping inside a textbook; that working with industry leaders in Norway was a business lesson unto itself.

International Institutions Affiliated with Doane

Doane is proud to  be a member of Generation Study Abroad

Generation Study Abroad

Getting a passport is easier than you think!  Follow this link and check out these resources and you're on you've taken your first step toward study abroad!

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