Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study abroad is a once in a lifetime experience filled with introspection, adventure, acquisition of linguistic skills and the development of intercultural competencies that makes students more likely to graduate, be accepted to graduate school and more successful in obtaining a job after graduation. Students at Doane travel the world and bring these experiences back to campus and carry them for the rest of their lives. 

Study Abroad Programs

Doane students have a variety of study abroad programs to choose from including:

For any other programs, contact the Office of International Programs for approval prior to applying or submitting a deposit.

Funding your Study Abroad

Students can use their $1,000 travel scholarship towards study abroad experiences during the fall, spring or summer if they are taking a minimum of three credit hours. Students in programs that require study abroad can receive their scholarships and aid for a full semester or $2,000 for a summer experience.

Students in the Honors Program must enroll in ISEP study abroad programs to be eligible to receive full funding for a semester or the $2,000 for the summer program. 


Credit earned while studying abroad will transfer back as pass/fail unless students are going abroad to meet the requirements for a modern languages major. Students must earn a minimum of a C- for grades to transfer as passing.


Students must complete Doane's orientation to transfer study abroad credit to their Doane degree. Orientation includes four modules that address important elements of study abroad including health, safety, visa requirements, earning credit abroad and other important topics. Students will also take the Intercultural Development Inventory and participate in two individual coaching sessions focused on preparing for culture shock.

Passports and Visas

All study abroad destinations require students to have a current passport while some destinations will also require a student visa.

Click here to learn more about obtaining a passport.

Visas are country specific and will be covered during orientation modules.


Click here to set up a consultation with the Office of International Programs to learn more about study abroad opportunities at Doane.



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