Tau Sigma Zeta Fraternity

Tau Sigma Zeta


President Dylan Mayfield 
Rush Chair Ben Strobel 
Alumni Relations Eric Weers

Multiple nationalized fraternities wanted the group to join them. The founding fathers chose to keep the group at the social Greek status, setting a foundation of brotherhood that lives on in all of its members today. The group stresses brotherhood and diversity amongst its members.
Fraternity members have trust in one another to make the right decision and to put the group ahead of oneself. Individuals who want to join do not fit a set criteria, but through the rushing experience, the group helps mold each individual’s strengths and weaknesses into one brotherhood letting them etch their own legacy in Tau Sigma Zeta history.

Tau Sigma Zeta takes part in the backpack program (Fun Run at UCC Church in Crete) as well as a highway cleanup service each semester. Members build lifelong friendships and memories that are second to none while helping make Doane and Crete community the best it can be.

Minimum GPA to join: 2.25

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