General Questions

General Questions

Q:  Why is Doane University creating a 3-year program?
A:  More and more students are taking college level courses in high school.  Doane recognizes this and chooses to help these students identify programs that allow them to take advantage of their early college planning by outlining a way for them to get into their careers earlier.  Our current curriculum and outstanding faculty advising makes this a program a possibility.

Q:  Does the 3-year program have less academic requirements than the traditional 4-year program at Doane University?
A:  No.  Our academic program quality is retained at all cost.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

Q: Why graduate in 3 years rather than the traditional 4?
A: This is a question for each individual student to answer for themselves.  The obvious answer is to begin a career or graduate school work earlier than a traditional 4-year plan.  For Doane University, this program is evidence of our interest in continuing to meet the needs of students while also delivering a high quality educational experience.

Q:  What is the most significant difference between the 3-year program and 4-year program?
A:  The most significant difference is the volume of coursework in a semester as well as the summer work required to fulfill the expectations of the program.

Q:  Prior to this program, had Doane University graduated students in 3 years?
A:  Yes, although not frequently.  Currently, however, a Doane student plans to graduate in 3 years this May.  And, 8 students graduated in 3 ½ years this December!  If this program would have been in place, it is possible that these students would have graduated in 3.