Student Requirements & Expectations While Enrolled in Guarantee

Student Requirements & Expectations While Enrolled in Guarantee

Q:  How many credits does a student need to take per semester in this program?
A:  Current programs require 17-18 credits per semester at Doane University.

Q:  Will a student be required to take summer courses?
A:  It is likely that a student will need to take summer courses to meet program expectations.  However, the number of courses/credits may depend on the individual academic program as well as the number of initial credits transferred prior to beginning enrollment at Doane University.

Q:  Can a student-athlete participate in the 3-year program?
A:  A student-athlete can participate in the program; however, challenges may arise with courses offered during practice and performance times.  In the event that a course is required in the plan and it also falls during activity participation time, the student will need to enroll in the course to keep the contract valid.

Q:  What happens if a student changes his/her mind on an academic program once they've enrolled at Doane University?
A:  If a student changes his/her mind on an academic program, which will likely change their program plan and schedule, the guarantee becomes null and void.  However, this does not necessarily determine that the student will not be able to graduate in 3 years or close to it as a result of the change.  That will depend on the program the student transitions to.

Q:  Does a 3-year program provide the same educational environment and experience of a 4-year program?
A:  Yes, however, we recognize the value of experience in general and eliminating a year of college experience prior to graduate school or the first career position can have an impact.  Nevertheless, we believe this is heavily dependent on the individual student and cannot be generalized for all students.

Q:  Is a student ready for grad school or his/her career after three years?
A:  Completion of the 3-year program will put the student in a position to be prepared academically for graduate school.  Also, participants will have met all requirements for graduation.  Beyond that, each student is different in their emotional and mental preparedness for continued schooling or for a first job.