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Advanced Program Satisfaction of Employers and Stakeholder Involvement

Measure 2: Satisfaction of employers and stakeholder involvement


Doane University Advanced Programs Engage P-12 Partner groups in a variety of collaborative partnerships. P-12 partners develop agreements with Doane Educator Preparation Programs to support clinical experiences for candidates. P-12 partners also engage in advisory meetings with advanced program directors and faculty. During the 2021-22 the primary focus of advisory meetings for advanced programs was to engage P-12 partners in refining phase-in plans that were part of the Interim Advanced Program Site Visit in April 2022. In particular, advisory groups provided input on the planned employer and completer surveys for advanced programs in support of standard A4.1 and A4.2.


Data for Measure 2 employer satisfaction is currently under development as the EPP is implementing phase in plans submitted at Spring 2022 interim advanced site visit. Plans for measuring employer satisfaction are developed and follow up surveys have been sent to employers. Data from these initial surveys will be available in the 2022-23 academic year for the 2023 CAEP annual report.