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Belief Statement for the Education Unit

Becoming a teacher and leader is emergent based upon the integration of theory and practice to develop knowledge, skill, and dispositions. 

We believe programs of quality: 

  • Promote learner-centered experiences and collaborative planning among the college teacher-educators, liberal arts faculty, K-12 practitioners and pre-service programs
  • Promote inquiry and reflectivity, and develop leadership to improve professional practice.
  • Provide a learning environment encouraging teachers to inquire into the context of learning and practice, act on beliefs, critique their own learning and teaching, and accept their research as an authentic and important means of improving practice. 
  • Facilitate curriculum and instruction honoring diversity in gender, ethnicity, culture, language, social class, and exceptionalities. 
  • Promote modeling as an essential aspect of effective teacher education. Faculty in teacher education will model excellent teaching as defined by current research, applied practice, and professional experience. 
  • Require engaging faculty in teaching authentic settings and utilize research for the direct purpose of enhancing educational practices. 
  • Offer opportunities for students to examine the moral purposes of education and put into practice a 0philosophy of learning and teaching that is inclusive, and based on a personal ethical platform. 
  • See change and innovation as an essential element in learning, teaching and leadership, and promote practices which value students, teachers and administrators as change agents in educational settings. 
  • Prepare teachers to work in, and contribute to society utilizing community resources and interacting with its constituency. 
  • Prepare teachers to advocate for students valuing self-determination and fairness, and believing in the right for all students to succeed. 
  • Promote the practice of leadership by providing opportunities for accepting different roles, becoming a leader in the school, community, and in engaging self-development.