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Campus Advocacy, Prevention, and Education (CAPE)

At Doane University we pride ourselves on providing a creative, inclusive and collaborative educational community, which demands a safe and healthy student environment. To that end, our Campus Advocacy, Prevention, and Education (CAPE) Project provides several opportunities for you to learn how to be a responsible Doane community member.

Not Anymore is an online program that provides education necessary education about interpersonal violence, policies, protocols, response, and resources. Doane University is committed to 100% of our incoming students completing this education as a way to ensure our community is safe, healthy, free from violence, and we are living our Doane University Mission and Values.

While the training provides content warnings and the ability to hide visuals and sound during those moments, we do recognize that it may be difficult for some to complete this training. If you are unable to complete this training, please reach out to to schedule a meeting.