Important COVID-19 Information

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General Questions

Where do I go on my first day? 

Your college dean or designated Doane representative will advise you where to park, as well as when and where to meet on your first day of employment. For the Crete Campus, you will receive a parking tag on your first day. 

Dress Code 

Our employees represent the face of the university to our students, alumni, and the community. Our dress attire should reflect a professionally operated academic enterprise. Employees should dress in a clean, neat, and modest fashion. 

Where can I find something to eat?

If you would like to bring your meals and snack from home, there are break areas provided for employees, typically including refrigerator/freezer, microwaves, and table space. Ask your department chair for details. Snack and beverage vending machines are available in some areas. Check with your Department Chair for the nearest location. Various dining options are also available in the area surrounding our campus.

If you work on the Crete campus, you can join the student dining experience. Visit the dining hall, or sign up for the Tiger Bucks Program. This program provides a 10% discount at retail outlets, and in the dining hall every 10th meal is free.

When do I get paid?

Faculty are paid on the last working day of each month. Your payment for a course assignment(s) will be made in equal installments over the term. Classes scheduled to last less than one calendar month will be paid in a single lump-sum payment.

Faculty & Employee Policies

You can access the Faculty Handbook via a Google Doc accessed with the Doane Email address. You can also access the Employee Handbook online. If you are not able to find what you were looking for or need further clarification, contact the Office of Academic Affairs or Human Resources.

What if I have more questions?

If you have other questions that you would like answered before your first day, contact your College Dean or contact the Office of Academic Affairs.