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How and when is financial aid awarded?

Your financial aid award will be sent after we receive the results from your FAFSA and you have been accepted for admission at Doane College. It takes three to four weeks from the time you file the FAFSA until you receive the results. If you code Doane to receive your FAFSA results, the college will receive your computed application electronically. If you did not list Doane, please send a copy of your processed report. Our Title IV code is 002544. Your situation will be given careful attention and your financial aid award will be determined.

The financial aid offer is generally in the form of a "package," a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and employment. The combination will vary according to a student's eligibility, academic and special abilities, involvement in cocurricular activities, and promptness in applying for aid.

There are limitations to funds available in all categories. Students should file early and respond promptly to requests for additional information, and will receive a package according to the availability of funds. Preference will be given to students who file the FAFSA earliest. Because funds are limited, you are required to indicate acceptance of your award within two weeks after notification and pay the $200 deposit, if not already paid. If you do not accept the offer, the funds will be reassigned to other applicants.

Assuming your circumstances remain fairly constant, Doane will make every effort to provide a similar amount of financial assistance during your subsequent years at Doane.