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My roommate just moved out! What do I?

If you lose your roommate shortly before or during the academic year, you have a couple options. 

For vacancies after Census Day, you can keep your room without being charged for a private.  Doane Housing may assign a roommate for you, or reassign you to a vacancy in another room, but your housing rate for the semester won't go up.  In order to avoid the private room rate next semester, however, you will need to find a roommate before the following Census Day.  Alternately, you can opt to pay for a private for the remainder of the semester/year.  Doing so will increase your housing fee, but Doane Housing will not assign a resident to the empty spot in your room, nor will we reassign you to another room unless housing needs mandate it.  Housing moves and forced dissolution of private rooms is exceptionally rare.

If your roommate leaves before Census Day, you are responsible for finding a new roommate or paying the private rate for the room.  This means you can either find someone to move in with you, or find someone and move in with them.  You must either reserve the room as a private or begin the room move process by Census Day in order to avoid a private charge.