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Update - 11.15.21

In the past two weeks, the Shared Governance Steering Committee has been working to identify the best place to begin working on Doane’s shared governance policies and practices. Based on the committee’s research, we believe that the best place to start is at the heart of shared governance: By working to develop trust among constituency groups and to create a shared understanding of key governance matters, such as responsibility and accountability.


We write with some very good news. Thanks to the efforts of Kerry Beezley and Denise Ellis, Doane now has a Staff Council! The Staff Council provides a forum for Doane staff and is the voice of Doane staff in Doane’s larger shared-governance structure. The Staff Council meets 1:30 p.m. every other Wednesday; please email Denise Ellis for additional details. Staff Council’s next major step is to develop a constitution, bylaws, and procedures during a January retreat. We are grateful to Staff Council for their insistence that Doane staff need shared-governance representation and for their persistence in working to make Doane more equitable, inclusive, and responsive for all its employees. 

Additionally, you can find all of these email updates in one place: Because these updates are for those in the Doane community, you will need to enter your Doane login information to access the page. We thank MacKenzie Jobes for leading the effort and coordinating the team from the Office of Strategic Marketing and Information Technology to make this page so clean, simple, and easy to use.

Finally, the next update will arrive Friday, Dec. 3, a week later than the every-other-week schedule would ordinarily put it, so that folks can enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

As always, we are eager to hear your thoughts and learn from your experiences. We hope to hear from you.


The Shared Governance Steering Committee