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Everyone has questions. We just pulled together a few of the frequently asked ones here for you to search. Let us know if you need any additional assistance. We'd be glad to help.

What if I register for less than 12 hours?

The business office will bill you as a part-time student.  Estimated bills will reflect your early registration hours and Financial Aid Award letters will be issued based on the registered hours.

What if something goes wrong while I'm taking my exam?

Doane uses Examity as a proctoring provider. Part of this service is 24x7 support for test-takers using the Examity software. You can contact Examity support at:

  • Live Chat: Available when you are logged into Examity

  • Phone: 855-Examity (855-392-6489)

  • Email: Contact Support at

It is also a good idea to contact your instructor, once you've completed the exam, and let them know that something went wrong. 

What is a cadre?

A cadre is group of people who form a collaborative learning community. The members of a cadre take the core hours in the Education Specialist program together. By working in a cadre, students experience a working model aimed at both developing leadership potential and experiencing the work of a collaborative group of educators.

What is a private? How is it different from a single?

"Private" refers to any room that has less than it's maximum occupancy.  This can mean a double room reserved for a single person or a triple reserved for one or two people.  Private rooms are available most years, but Doane Housing always reserves the right to dissolve a private and assign a roommate if the need for housing demands it.  Dissolution of privates is extremely rare, and we dissolve based on lottery points.

A single room is one intended to house only occupant.  Singles cost a little more per semester, but not as much as a private double or triple.

What is a Room Condition Report, and why do I need one for my room?

For your protection, as well as the University's, Residential Life team members complete the RCR (Room Condition Report) to check the condition of your room before and after moving in/out. You must check each item listed on the RCR on eRezLife, as you are responsible for the condition of everything in your room. Review the RCR after moving in and note any discrepancies that you see. Please record all existing conditions and date them when you move-in to avoid charges at the end of the year. Changes in the checkout condition of the RCR result in charges to your student account.

If there are items in need of repair when you move in, or at any time during the year, please complete a work order through eRezLife.

What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a professor who works with students throughout their education at Doane University. The academic advisor assists the student with registration of classes and other aspects of academic advising. During their first year at Doane, R\honda Lake will serve as their first-year success advisor. Following their first year, a faculty member takes over to guide students through their major all the way to graduation. This faculty member is typically a professor within the student’s major. If the student is undecided, a faculty member aligned with their interests will step in to guide them. For more information, visit Doane’s Advising webpage.

What is Census Day?

Census Day is the second Friday after classes start.  On that day, Doane finalizes its numbers for class enrollment, housing assignments, and more.  Doane Housing relies on the reports generated on Census Day to determine in-hall retention rates, building occupancy, and housing fees for residents.

What is CSI: Doane?

This is an interactive workshop for high-school students who have completed one year of life science. Participants will rotate through several areas, learning about the biology and chemistry behind techniques used in forensic science, such as DNA fingerprinting, autopsy analysis, and how studying insects can provide information about a crime.   The program includes lunch, keynote address, and awards.  This year, CSI: Doane will be held on April 1.  Check-in runs from 8:00 to 8:30, and the event ends at 1:00.

What is expected of a Noyce Scholar?

The goal of the Noyce Scholarship and Stipend program is to improve the quality and persistence of STEM teachers in rural and urban schools in Nebraska.

Noyce Scholars are expected to complete all program activities (i.e., mentee participants, seminars, conducting paid summer research, and more).

Noyce Scholars must commit two years of service in a high-need school as a mathematics or science teacher for each year of scholarship or stipend. If Scholars fail to complete this teaching obligation, they will agree to repay the required portion of the scholarship or stipend provided by the program.

What is FERPA?

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law designed to protect you.  It outlines who Doane can share your information with, and what rights you have as a student to your academic records.  Upon admission to Doane all students should sign a FERPA release form that explains your rights and allows you to give other people (mom, dad, husband, employer, grandma, etc.) access if you so wish.   To view this form, visit the Forms for Student page and select the FERPA form.  More details can be found in the Crete Student Handbook as well as the Lincoln Student Handbook.

What is Greek Life?

Greek life, or Greek letter organizations, fraternities and sororities that function as social organizations at colleges and universities. Membership is typically gained during undergraduate school, but continues for life. Fraternities and sororities host philanthropic activities, networking events for members and alumni, social functions, and formal dinners throughout the academic year. Doane Greek life is the largest organization on campus. Greek groups are local chapters, meaning they are unique to Doane’s campus. Greek life has a rich history on Doane’s campus, the first fraternity was established 11 years after the University’s founding, and the first sorority in 1907.

Today, Doane features 5 sororities, and fraternities. For more information on Greek groups, the history of Greek life at Doane, and the rushing process, visit Doane’s Greek Life webpage.

What is included in the student budget?

The student budget, or cost of education, for financial aid includes tuition, fees, room and board, and an allowance for books, transportation, personal and other variable expenses incurred by the student.

What is it like to take an online proctored exam?

By the time you’re preparing to take your first proctored exam, you should have already completed the Proctoring Orientation module in your course, created an Examity profile, and taken a practice exam.

When it's time to take a proctored exam, you'll always start from inside your Canvas course. 

Next, you'll select the Examity Authorization link in your course. 

Then, in Examity, locate the exam you want to take and follow the instructions. 

Watch this video that demonstrates the proctoring process.

What is my GPA?

GPA information is available for current students onWebAdvisor under Grades or Unofficial Transcript.  GPA information is also available on the Official Transcript.  For information on how GPA's are calculated click here.

What is my mailing address?

Each student has their own mailbox located outside of the Service Bureau within Perry Campus Center.

How to Address Student Mail

Student's Name

Doane University

1014 Boswell Ave.

Ste: (This will be your individual mailbox number)

Crete, NE 68333

What is OLA?

Open Learning Academy differs from the traditional student model (course codes are 4-digit, 5 Terms of 8wk courses, academic calendar, instant enrollment process)

What is online proctoring?

Online proctored exams are exams that you complete while proctoring software monitors you and your computer's desktop. The software records your screen, webcam and audio for the duration of the exam. Proctored exams will also have time limits. 

What is plagiarism in the United States?

Plagiarism is a very important topic for international students. In the U.S., students are expected not to work together on assignments unless the professor specifically allows them to work in groups. A student is expected to work alone on exams, homework, and papers. A student who copies answers from another student, or allows another student to write an assignment or exam for him/her is guilty of cheating. In the U.S., it is necessary to cite, or give credit to, (cite) all sources of information in your written work. If a student gets some information from the internet or a book, he or she must list details of that source in his/her paper. If any phrases or sentences are used directly from the course, then there must be quotation marks around those words, and the source must be stated. If a student uses other sources of information and does not identify the source, then it is called plagiarism. A student may get a failing grade on an assignment or a failing grade in a course if caught cheating or plagiarizing someone else’s work.

What is SARA?

The State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement is an agreement among member states, districts and territories that establishes comparable national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary distance education courses and programs. It is intended to make it easier for students to take online courses offered by postsecondary institutions based in another state. Nebraska is a member of the SARA and Doane University is a participating institution in SARA. 

What is the cost of laundry?

Laundry is free for all on-campus students. Please make sure you bring your own laundry supplies. As per our laundry machine provider, we ask you, DO NOT use any form of pod detergent. These cause machines to get clogged and not work properly.