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Student Advisors

Once you become a student at Doane University, you will be assigned a personal advisor. This advisor will assist you throughout your entire college career at Doane. They will: 

  • Get to know you and your goals
  • Answer your questions 
  • Help make decisions on your major, and class schedule 
  • Advise you on how to maintain a balance between schoolwork and life

Residential Undergraduate Students 

From your first day at Doane, you will have someone in your corner. Her name is Rhonda Lake McKercher, and she is your first-year success advisor. She acts as an academic advisor, consultant, sounding-board, cheerleader, and guru. 

After your first year at Doane, or as soon as you decide on a major - you will be assigned a faculty member within your major/department to guide you until graduation. 

Non-Residential Students

A one-stop-shop for all advising related - your personal academic advisor will assist you with class information and registration, finding available resources, problem-solving between work, school, and life; a reference point to outside sources and support, and a guide to the paperwork of your graduation day. 

Advising Programs

Pre-Health Advantage Advising Program 

Many students are interested in healthcare but aren't sure about the most appropriate major, let alone a specific career path. That's okay! Often the goal of an undergraduate pre-health student is admittance to their desired graduate program. While this is a priority for faculty and staff at Doane, it's equally important for us to prepare students to succeed in graduate school and achieve a gratifying career in their chosen health field. 

Pre-Law Advising Program 

Pre-law advising is available to any student at Doane University, regardless of their academic program. 

The Pre-Law Advising Program develops an academic plan unique to each student, based on their selected major and interests. It is designed to develop the specific skills needed to prepare for law school. Students should make an appointment with the Pre-Law Advisor if they consider a legal career, even if they are not confident they want to attend law school.