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Faculty & Staff Dining Accounts

Sodexo offer's a discount program available to all Doane University Faculty and Staff. Tiger Bucks is an account that you can deposit money (cash or personal check) into and use towards all food purchases at Doane University through Sodexo dining. Deposits can be easily made with any member of management in the Sodexo office. The office is located in the back of the Dining Hall, please ask the cashier at the front if you need help locating the office.

Benefits of using Tiger Bucks

  • In the dining hall, for every nine meals purchased, the tenth will be free! Sodexo will keep individual employee incentive cards at the front door to be punched when a meal is purchased. In the OBC Grill and Lakeside Coffeehouse, a 10% discount will be given on the total purchase.

How to Sign up for a Tiger Bucks Account:

Enrollment is available by enrolling online or visiting with Sodexo management in the Dining Hall. 

Tiger Bucks:

Meal: Faculty/Staff Prices Guest Prices
Breakfast $5.60 $7.27
Lunch $7.83 $9.80
Dinner $9.42 $11.48
Brunch / Special Event $9.42 $11.48

Program Details:

  • The program will run year round (including summers).
  • Family members and friends are always welcome, but will be charged the regular guest price for the meal in the dining hall. The participating faculty/ staff member will receive a punch on their incentive card for all meals purchased, including guest meals.
  • The 10% discount will also be effective for faculty/ staff purchasing food/ meals for guests in the Lakeside Coffeehouse or OBC Grill when using their Tiger Bucks account.
  • Requests for refunds will only be granted in extenuating circumstances as confirmed and verified by the Doane University Department of Human Resources.
  • This program does not extend to catered meals.
  • Prices are subject to contractual changes.