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Doane Crete

The Doane Crete campus is our only residential campus.  For these reasons a complete "shut down" of campus operations is not possible due to the needs of our students (during the academic year).  In cases where the college has determined that classes must be cancelled (most likely due to travel risks for employees) the college will action the following steps:

1.  Campus wide notification via Omnilert, Doane Email, Doane Website and local media sources (TV and Radio)
2.  Individual messages to residential students (from Residence Life) and employees (Human Resources) with additional details
3.  Updates regarding resources on-campus will be communicated via email only if the service is not available.  Services such as food and security will not be closed, but may experience delays in regular service (example: Meal times or response time to calls).

Note:  In the event of a power outage, information from the Presidents or Vice Presidents office would be relayed in a meeting to the Facilities, Safety, Residence Life and Human Resources Departments.  Those departments would coordinate with staffs in those areas to arrange a verbal exchange of information to students and employees in any available manner.  For residential students this would most likely involved hall-wide meetings.