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Threat Assessment Management Team (TAM-T)

Threat Assessment Management Team (TAM-T)

Although Doane and our campus communities are very safe environments, incidents that can lead to violence are not always predictable.  Violent threats and actions are often preceded with other indicators that someone needs help.  Doane University has several resources available to support those struggling with the stresses of daily life.  However, sometimes it’s difficult to ask for that help.  That is where YOU come in!
If you have concerns that a friend, classmate, student or acquaintance is struggling at Doane and is considering or hinted at harming themselves or others report it immediately.  We can help!

There are several ways to do this:
1.  For immediate threats or attempts to harm themselves or others - Call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone)
2.  For concerns over behavior that may be deemed threatening - Call (402) 826-8669 (Public Safety Office)
3.  Make an online confidential report -
4. Use our "See Something, Say Something" text program.  All you need to do is text "DOANESAFETY" and your message to 79516. 

The college does have a Student Concern Team and Threat Assessment Management Team.  These are teams made up of several Doane College departments that review patterns of behavior and reported concerns to mitigate the chances of violent behavior. These teams are focused on offering support and options for the person involved, as well as finding proactive solutions to protect the campus. You can contact a representative of these teams by calling or emailing the Doane Safety Office.
Doane Threat Assessment and Management Team (TAM-T)
* Russ Hewitt - Public Safety Office (402)826-8295,
* Becky Hunke - Academic Affairs Office (402)826-8286,
* Anne Ziola - Human Resources (402)826-6795,
* Myron Parsley - Counseling Center (402)826-6719,
* Brian Stork - Crete Police Department (402)826-4311,
* Megan.Failor - Student Affairs (402)826-6721,

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